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to the southeast u.s., of picking up the effect of sandy already. homestead air force base, fla., 75 degrees. wind gusts of 52 heavy rain. this pattern will move. the storm is moving quickly but will slow down once it makes landfall and will be a protractor long, slow moving system. but not the next few days. meantime not bad. 60's, low 70's, some sunshine. the wind will be out of the east and southeast, bringing the low- level moisture. overnight, clouds, patchy fog, drizzle commonplace. right now, all of the sunshine very warm temperatures. 83 charleston, 80 degrees and asheville, 76 indianapolis. on the other side of this cold front, blue or minnesota and the low 30's. this will be a key player, this trough of low pressure, the leading edge, a very strong upper level low associated with it, and that will make this happen in the next several days involving sandy. for the moment, not a lot of stormiest. with the leading edge of the cold front is still back to the west. the next few days, more cloudiness slowing coolly -- slowly cooling temperatures, and then the effects of sandy. over the bahamas
police. >> a developing story along the u.s.-mexico border. police have arrested two men with possible ties to the shooting death of a border patrol agent. no word on a motive in that attack. >> to an update to a story we brought you first on seven. the national park service has now drained the reflecting pool. this is less than two weeks after we discovered algae growing on the water. it is not supposed to happen after that multimillion-dollar renovation. we are on the national mall with where we go from here. >> the reflecting pool is now empty. workers are still here on the scene housing is down, making sure all the best analogy is god. it will be two or three weeks before it is refilled. this was touted as a landmark green project, no chemically treated city water. they have been shoveling and plowing, but it is only october. and there is no snow. >> it is unbelievable. >> a month after the rebuild reflecting pool was reopened, and two weeks after we read the first to show you the algae invasion the national park service has trained all 4 million gallons. officials blame it on not
. computer models are taking it towards the northeast coast of the u.s.. a lot to talk about. >> we are tracking hurricanes sandy as it makes its way up north. we will show you how local power companies are preparing in case sandy had our way. s woman accused of leading a wild police chase is being held without bond pending a psychiatric evaluation. she was released from a psychiatric hospital last friday. yesterday, the chase started at 66 in virginia. she faces several charges including assault and reckless endangerment. the man accused of wounding a guard at the family research council faces terrorism charges. the indictment against floyd corkins contains seven new charges. it is the first such charged under d.c. anti-terrorism act of 2002. he is doing court on friday. >> new developments surrounding the attack in benghazi, e-mails indicate the white house and state department did two hours after the benghazi attack that an islamic militant group was claiming responsibility. administration officials said the attacks followed a protest over an anti-muslim from. hillary clinton say
of the growing threat against the u.s. embassy and vowed to track down those responsible. >> coming up, big changes to prince william county's controversial immigration policy and why some are blaming politics for the change. >> plus, they were a hit on saturday night live together. hear what new high [ male announcer ] president obama says he's creating jobs but he's really creating debt. the facts are clear. obama's four deficits are the four largest in us history. he's adding almost as much debt as all 43 previous presidents -- combined. and over 30 cents of every dollar obama spends is borrowed. much of it from countries like china. he's not just wasting money he's borrowing it and then wasting it. we can'caafford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >> a doggie daycare in arlington whose mural was the subject of a lawsuit now has a new piece of art. it features birds relaxing in a hot tub. the county called the previous meryl and add that violated the sign ordinance -- previous mural an ad that violated
kidney failure and dementia. alex karras was among the people who sue the nfl for head injuries. u.s. 77 years old. >> the meningitis outbreak in the u.s. continues to spread to night. new jersey is the latest of 10 states to report at least one case of meningitis tied to the contaminated steroid shots. the center for disease control reports 100 -- 137 cases nationwide including 12 deaths. health officials say there have been 24 cases, including one death. eight cases have been reported in maryland, including one death in maryland. >> we're learning more about the death of the panda cub at the national zoo tomorrow. the results of the necropsy will be released during a morning press conference. the panda cub died six days after birth. zoo officials say they are waiting for the official cause of death. >> on a much more pleasant subject, the weather today, at one of the nicest days i can remember. >> and it was so lousy looking earlier this morning. let me show you what you missed. in southern frederick county we started the day with a lot of low clouds and fog. that moved
devised a plan, also involving alarge team of u.s. forces. the five-day standoff ended when navy seals shot and killed all three pirates. >> yes, we got him. >> she also keeps a close eye on brewing threats. as for the admiral's hopes -- >> i hope they invite me back for that. i would love to be there. >> i am sure she will be there. she graduated from the naval academy at annapolis. of all of her accomplishments she is most proud to be the first african-american woman to command a warship. >> osama bin laden going to federal court if he had survived? the president is saying he could make a strong argument for giving him the full rights of a criminal defendant. >> looking to ease or not out -- knock out that cold? vitamin d increasing those levels in a new report, does not help. it does play a key role in immune function. and gordon has a look ahead at 6:00. >> tonight, president obama and mitt romney prepare for the first debate of this campaign. coming up at 6:00 a look at what to and expect when they are -- what to expect tonight. and the thieves in a rash of burglaries are taking s
. is the 24th month of the b creation in the u.s. >> a neighborhood is back to after a major propane leak. said this morning were in storing -- wells or rails when a bobcat excavator drove over an underground propane tank. >> there was gas coming out into the air. got the hazmat people. >> 5 homes were evacuated. the propane tank was eventually passed out. >> police are investigating the happened this morning. from this video it happened on interstate 95. the single vehicle accident blocked traffic for are the -- over an hour. two victims were taken to the hospital. on their condition. and now for a check on air- friday situation on afternoon. anderson has the details. >> thank you. definitely seen the impact of the three extended holiday coming up. it is basically one entire delay much of a break. some delays around the area. on maryland -- in maryland northbound, father hurley boulevard and into route 80. the beltway is slow out of .irginia from tyson's corner a brief break at old georgetown road. back to you. >> have a good weekend. tonight, all of us are remembering an important memb
up about the affair that broke up his marriage. >> we talk about movies coming up. >> u.s. 6:00, apple is dealing with another problem >> the creator of the popular cartoon "family guy" has now been tapped to host hollywood's biggest night. seth mcfarlane will host the oscars. he made his movie debut with the raunchy comedy "ted the attack which took input -- "ted." he is also an accomplished singer. in fact, he released a big band album last year. >> my son loved ted. he loved the raunchy bear. >> i hope dead comes to the after party. -- ted comes to the after party. >> we have some interesting coming attractions. >> september was a pretty good month for movies. the watch the master and looper were bred. october looks almost as good. -- were good. october looks almost as good. let's take a look at what is ahead. liam neeson returns as an agent who saves his daughter from kidnapping. in taken two, he has to find and save his wife. in argo, ben affleck plays a cia agent who dreams of a way to help hostages escaping from iran. he passes them off as a movie crew. >> that is it.
traille, a software engineer, remains very much a mystery. leon traille said not a word today in u.s. district court in alexandria. he stood silent as the judge asked, do you hear me? he faces a federal arson charge after the lunch time and drama at boston common. >> it smelled bad. there was nothing on fire. >> he threw eight lit molotov cocktail equipped with wooden matches take to a bottle into the food court. he went to the second floor skyway and dropped three more devices. police and the fbi arrested him sitting at a table outside of the mall. no one was hurt but the mall was evacuated and business was disrupted. traille has no fixed address and appears to have lived in various states. he says he is a software engineer with a master's degree in computer science. he did contacting work at various firms, none for more than a few months. bloomer confirmed he worked at their new york office last year. authorities are not speculating on a possible motive. >> whatever the point was coming he missed it. >> police dismissed their charges against traille in deference to the federal char
are diagnosed with cancer in the u.s. when a child is diagnosed, it affects the whole family. we have that a local 9-year-old boy doing everything he can and that is what makes him this week's harris' hero. >> there is pain in my knees pain in my back. it was hard to get around. >> when he has to stay in the hospital, his family and friends helped him get through it. >> we just like to watch movies. >> the support inspired him to start a foundation. >> so you can afford gas and food. we have to help out. >> the foundation is called just tryan it. this year, 350 partisans' raised $125,000 participating -- participants raised $125,000 in a triathlon. >> it takes the load of someone else so they can be with their child. there's nothing more important than that. >> it has allowed her to be with her 7-year-old daughter, canyon, in the hospital. >> to go from working, not working, taking care a three kids at the same time. to have someone out there that cares? >> he is trying to make treatment easier for others and his work is far from finished. >> we can all learn from this nine year-old's
might as a blessing, the loss of campaign commercials and phone calls. >> the u.s. labor department is hopeful it can release the october jobs report friday. unemployment is at 7.8%. that is always important. the board of elections is the offices to be whommodating to anyone early because about getting to next tuesday. maryland counseled early voting today. -- cancelled early voting today. are not on, you can news on make sure you have far app on your smart phones or ipad. bill looksheck like there is not much action the route -- it looks like there's not much action happening on the roads. >> you are some problems because high wind and rain. debris all over the beltway between georgetown pike. because of not a lot of volume, delay.ot of you have some flooding also around maryland. earlier tractor-trailer that was jackknifed is still in place between 355 and connecticut avenue. 198 affected between -- you have some wires down. we are seeing a shaky cameras a lot of rain as you work area.ay around the >> it looks like people stayed home. take us along for a through hurr
ask me a lot, how are you doing? them, i'd been better, been worse.o >> the u.s. anti-doping agency leading the most d successfuld an program the sport has ever seen. organizers are expected to remove his name from the record , erasing his consecutive victories. armstrong has consistently called the agency's effort a witch hunt. t deals from nike dropped thed cyclist and he is stepping down this foundation. >> he has been the inspiration for this movement. his cancer journal led to this place. 26 people testified that used and and his team substances. even among the cancer survivors supporters, there is concerned. >> there has been a bittersweet time. >> the world's most famous lose ancould still medal and be the target of a lawsuit. a big change of for a local fire department stamp out of hundreds of dollars. scammed out of hundreds of dollars. >> the other dupont metro now open with some d new escalators. >> the eight-month project is arelly complete and writers -- riders are48 smoother makes for a commute. they waited for eight months these escalators at dupont circle south to st
of hurricane sandy. u.s. the potomac with the coast guard looking at what sandy had on this river. you will >> crews are still waiting for the go-ahead to sail a cruise into the harbor after sandy hold ahead. canceled, soge was no passengers are on board. needless to say, the coast guard busy with problems like that cruise ship there. and with many others as well following hurricane center. tonight, the guard has given potomac river,e following this monster storm. tell us about it. >> yes, it was a fascinating afternoon. you look at the river here, and look as if there's many debris on it, but once on the river, you will that sandy sent a number mines flowing down the river. ever since sandy, something as pulling out of the station marina has been difficult. the debris field on the potomac today unlike anything these sailors have seen before. worst after the high winds. we went up the cove with this crew on the potomac from alexandria to haynes point. is that thing right there? sandy has unleashed a host of our waterways. amidst the debris, there are entire trees flowing downstream. >>
on the meningitis care across the u.s.. there are more cases in our region. we will have the latest information. >> a major shift in america's religious views. >> there is no longer a protestant majority and a growing number of people are not following a religion at all. >> first of all, most americans, 80%, still say they believe in god but a lot more of them have no a -- have no religious affiliation. it seems to be the son of the times. >> i don't have a religion. >> many of my friends, even if that were raised in a religion, they are not in one now. >> a new poll shows 20% of americans are now no religious affiliation. one-third under age 30 don't belong to any church. >> i have issues with the birth control and things like that. gay rights and things like that cause me to have issues with them. >> for the first time ever the study found the percentage of protestants in america dropped below 50%. >> many of the people i know don't attend church or have left their churches. >> church scandals have not help, either. there are sharp political ramifications as well. those who say they have no r
with strangulation. >> a series of storms is promising to keep parts of the northwestern u.s. buried in snow. 4 inches of white powder blanket that cascade mountains including ski resorts that haven't opened up. the snow also blanketed parts of idaho. another round of the white stuff is there. we can look at the video as we sit here in the upper 70's. >> it the higher elevation snow. >> it is the same story. i was checking this morning. my son is in anchorage, alaska and it was 10 degrees. you don't have to worry about that yet. we are still enjoying the temperatures near 80. will be started on tuesday and look at a time lapse from our weather camera. cloudy this morning and a couple of sprinkles in frederick. hagerstown have light rain for awhile. we kind of expected that and then there was a warm front that led to this day and sunshine and warm temperatures. we will have clouds tonight but the only real effect that will have on us is to keep temperatures a little warmer. it will be a very mild night tonight. high pressure in control. heavier clouds to the north and west. that
creation of the storming of the u.s. embassy in iran. 52 americans were taken hostage and held for more than a year. six others escaped to the home of the canadian ambassador. ben affleck plays a cia operative. >> it does not matter. it is a fake movie. >> if i am doing a fake movie it is going to be a fake hit. >> you really believe you're a little story is going to make a difference? >> he hosted a screening for state department and cia employees. >> i am not trying to whitewash anything. some of my favorite characters are flawed. >> his wife and jennifer gardner came along in support. it looks like an oscar contender. it is a true drama that rates for stars. it is a weekend best bet. the best new movie in a month. i think it also puts him squarely on the a-list of directors. it was a very impressive night. >> jennifer gardner was there to show support. >> thank you. >> thank you for telling us about your bff noe. >> a story of determination and could well. cetus debt in to help this child finished his triathlon -- see you stepped in to help this child finish his triathlon. >> the wei
to be the costliest storm in u.s. history and we will have to wait and see with the full impact will be at the pump. if refiners are not back on line in a week expect prices to go up further. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. >> that shows to the ripple effect of that huge storm. >> let's see if there is anything else to worry about this hour. >> here is the circulation associated with sandy. even though it has diminished, the circulation is still impressive. what does all the way over the atlantic in the gulf stream, even bringing warm almost tropical air. how do we know it's warmer? check this out. 68 in burlington. 57 in boston. we had the cold wind the polling around our area so we will be in the 30's and 40's. a live look at wintergreen resort. i do not see any movement, but they have enough snow. a little early in the season to get things cranked up. when will the rain get out of here? let's find out from bob ryan. >> secure is the micro cast picking up the leftover, chilly showers. some of you in loudoun county are seeing some of the snow flakes mixed in. overnight into the low 40's. so hopefully
the u.s. attack on the embassy in libya and the anti- islam video that when a viral. >> it will upset people and make them react in some kind of white. >> -- in some kind of way. >> the ad does have support. >> i am sure that it will raise eyebrows, but i think it is definitely a valid message. >> is designed to provoke. it is designed to stigmatize american muslims. >> it in sinew its people better muslim, people from the middle east -- a kind of and sinuous people that are muslim, people from the middle east are not civilized. >> the ads will also be at the glenmont takoma, and georgia avenue stations. the campaign will go nationwide. a few of these ads will be around for about a month. live from northwest washington, abc7 news. >> ok, thank you. 29 days until we vote for president. mitt romney is once again campaigning in battle ran virginia. he stopped in the military institute in lexington. he is portraying his approach as a stark contrast to what he calls the failed policies of president obama. we will have more coming up at 6:00. >> and onto a different contest. a lot of people
then that of the west coast, earthquakes here had been more broad. last august was considered the most widely felt in u.s. history. >> we know that the faults are stressed close to failure. >> the earth's crust is so stressed, experts say there is a strong potential for another 5.8 earthquake in this. if not greater. in ruston, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> still ahead, a man faces big for encouraging his do something that is not good. >> what the schools that the president's daughters attend investments, personally, about paid 14% in federal taxes, is that fair to the guy higher rate than you did? romney: "yeah, encourage economic growth." us. is t that the way to grow amerir this message. captioned by the national captioning institute >> a cocker spaniel that was a pit bullinjured by was reunited with his owner today. >> we told you about this story yesterday. doctors credit fast acting neighbors with saving the dog's life. we're hearing tonight from the r of the attack dog. jennifer donelan has the latest northwest. >> she was out of town at the time of the attack, taking phone call
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